Reaching Every Student Every Day

    Making Tomorrow Possible is the Miramonte Parents’ Club membership drive and major fundraising campaign. These dollars are CRITICAL to ensuring the continuation of key academic programs and services, which will be at risk without your support. Every student at Miramonte benefits from these funds!

    When you make a tax-deductible donation, you become a member of the Miramonte Parents’ Club (see below for benefits). The MHS PC will spend $450 per student for the 2016-17 school year on the following programs:

    Academics: $464,240

    • 9 additional classes, preserving the 7-period day in Math, History, and Science
    • Professional development for MHS teachers in Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards and Challenge Success
    • After school Academic Labs (Exam Jams and Tutor Labs)
    • Teacher collaboration time – Frosh & Soph Cohorts
    • Instructional materials and field trips for English, History, Math, Science and World Languages
    • Laboratory equipment and supplies and health education
    • The Mirador student newspaper
    • National foreign language exams and special education
    • Technology

    Student Support Services: $10,230

    • Baccalaureate and graduation activities
    • College & Career Center
    • Mats Day and Post Senior Day

    Services: $28,500

    • Class specific newsletters
    • Emergency supplies
    • Staff appreciation and hospitality
    • Matador E-News
    • Parent education
    • Parents’ website
    • Student Directory

    Payment Options: You can divide your donations into 2 to 7 equal installment payments.  Or you can make a one-time payment via the WebStore.  Either donation can be made using a secure server with a Visa or MasterCard.


    Parents’ Club Membership Levels & Benefits: 

    Matador: $5000 and above Wall of Excellence Brick, Fall Parent Social (2 Invitations), Mirador Student Newspaper, (2) MHS Student Directories, MHS Ballpoint Pen

    Benefactor: $2500 Wall of Excellence Brick, Fall Parent Social (2 Invitations), Mirador Student Newspaper, (2) MHS Student Directories, MHS Ballpoint Pen

    Patron: $1000 Wall of Excellence Brick, Fall Parent Social (2 Invitations), Mirador Student Newspaper, (2) MHS Student Directories, MHS Ballpoint Pen

    Partner: $750 Mirador Student Newspaper, (2) MHS Student Directories, MHS Ballpoint Pen

    Fair Share per Student: $450 (2) MHS Student Directories, MHS Ballpoint Pen

    Associate: $275 (1) MHS Student Directory


    Corporate Matching

    Does your employer match your donation dollars? This is a great way to up your family’s level of contribution and get more money for the school at the same time. Click here for more info on matching!


    Four Critical Ways to Give   

    Sure, pubic education is technically free. That is, if you are happy with a classroom, teacher, textbook, and desk and chair. We all know that Miramonte offers so much more than a basic education. But it cannot be done without financial support from parents and families! Please donate today.

    1. Support education at Miramonte by donating to the Miramonte Parents’ Club. You may donate to the Parents’ Club in one or more of the following ways:

    ·   Membership – Direct Contribution

    ·   Wall of Excellence – Buy a brick for your family

    ·   At the Workplace – Company Matching Dollars

    2. Support after school sports at Miramonte by donating to the Boosters' Club.

    3. Donate to EFO. The Educational Foundation of Orinda supports core academic and enrichment programs that benefit every student at MIramonte this year! 

    Visit EFO's website to learn more about the programs EFO supports at Miramonte. 

    4. Support Grad Night and Senior Breakfast by making the annual class activities donation for your grade level. Parents and students organize events through Leadership to raise funds for Class Activities such as Junior Prom and Senior Ball. Funds raised by the classes helps to maintain reasonable ticket prices for these events, enabling all Miramonte students to participate. Funds raised by your class may only be used for your grade level activities. 

    Please make a contribution today and help continue Miramonte High School’s tradition of excellence.  Financial contributions are tax deductible.

    To make a one-time donation,
    click below:

    Online giving

    To make a pledge,
    or pay in installments click below:

    The Miramonte High School Parents' Club is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) organization, Tax ID#68- 0229376.  As such, all contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your professional tax advisor as to the deductibility of any contribution made.

Last Modified on August 13, 2017