• The Miramonte High School Parents' Club

    mission is to enhance

    the education, welfare and activities

    of Miramonte students through
    a partnership of students, parents and volunteers.

     About Us

    The Parents’ Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization staffed entirely by parent volunteers. All parents of Miramonte students are encouraged to become members of the MHS Parents’ Club and to volunteer their time or expertise.

    What we do

    We work collaboratively with Miramonte High School’s outstanding administrators, teachers and students to achieve educational excellence. We provide funds for educational support and volunteers for student programs and activities that otherwise would not be available at a public school. We also provide services and communication to the Miramonte community.

    Parents' Club donations together with thousands of hours of parent volunteer time provide:

    Academic Programs

    Student Programs


    • Academic Class Sections
    • Academic Support Labe
    • College & Career Center
    • Health Education
    • Instructional Materials
    • Mirador
    • Non-core electives
    • Professional Development & Collaboration
    • Science Lab Supplies
    • Technology
    • Baccalaureate
    • Graduation
    • Mats Day
    • Post Senior Day


    • Class Newsletters
    • Emergency Supplies
    • Helping Hands
    • Hospitality
    • Legislative Support 
    • Matador News
    • Miramonte Parents’ Club Website
    • Parent Education
    • Staff Appreciation
    • Student Directory 

    How we fund

    The Parents’ Club raises funds through its annual membership drive and eScrip: For the current school year, the Parents’ Club has committed to raise approximately $450 per student.

    How you can help

    You can help by becoming a member in the Parents’ Club and registering for Miramonte eScrip. Your financial support is critical to providing an outstanding educational experience for all Miramonte students. See Ways to Give

    Online Giving

    Miramonte relies on its parent community for additional expertise and resources. You can help by volunteering your time on a committee. There are many opportunities to help with varying degrees of time commitment and flexibility. See Volunteer Coordinator to identify an opportunity that fits your schedule.

    Contact Us

    We welcome you to contact the President with questions, comments or suggestions, schedule a tour of the school, or discuss gifts.
    Email: President@mhspc.org
    Regular mail:
    Miramonte High School Parents' Club
    P.O. Box 171
    Orinda, CA 94563 
    925. 280.3930 Telephone
    925. 280.3931 Facsimile

    For technical issues please contact the Miramonte Parents' Club webmaster: Webmaster@mhspc.org

Last Modified on July 28, 2016