What Do We Mean by “Healthy Choices”?


    Healthy Choices at Miramonte:


    Educating, promoting, and reinforcing to students, parents and community the importance of making decisions that maintain physical and mental health.


    Our students have a well-deserved reputation for excellence in academics, the arts, athletics and community service. High school is also a time marked by the need for peer group acceptance, trying out new ideas and identities, and sometimes taking risks. Most students make good choices most of the time, but a significant number put themselves at unwise risk for accidents, arrest, unwanted sexual activity, pregnancy, eating disorders, depression, and hospitalization. Often the use of alcohol, drugs, or both, are directly related to these problems.


    To support our students at Miramonte, the Parent Education committee encourage communication, education, and implementation of programs which promote physical and mental health. The committee is always seeking new ways to bring information to parents and students, encouraging them to make healthy choices not only for themselves, but for our entire MHS community. The committee works to build a culture of health. It provides opportunities for students, parents, and the MHS community to learn about wellness, and the hazards and penalties which accompany risky behavior. In this way they may develop the ability to make choices that will enhance their well-being.


    We look forward to meeting you and working to improve the quality of our students’ lives. We encourage your support. Please let us know your interests and concerns as they relate to Healthy Choices.


    For more information, please contact one of the Parent Education Committee members.



Last Modified on October 22, 2016