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     Claire Tarkoff - President
     Maddy Schram - Vice President/Secretary 
     Olivia Goodman - Treasurer
    2018 Parent Class Advisors
     Michelle Goldsmith - jagolds@pacbell.net
     Staci Mills - stacimills@sbcglobal.net
     Janet Tarkoff - janettarkoff@yahoo.com
    Memory Board Viewing
    Grab your family, neighbors and friends and come to one of our Class of 2018 Memory Board viewing nights to see all the great memories from the Senior Class. Memory Boards will be open for viewing on Tuesday, June 5, from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, Thursday, June 7, from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm and the final viewing will be on June 8, from 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm, right before the Graduation Ceremony.  Memory Boards are set up in the room right across from the MHS Theater.  Memory Boards will be available for pickup right after the Graduation Ceremony on the Quad, where the Seniors will check in for Grad Night.
    Graduation Ceremony
    The Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony will take place on Friday, June 8 at 5:30 pm in the MHS Football Stadium.  No tickets are necessary and it is open seating.  If you are in needed of handicapped or disabled seating, please contact Betsy Canty.  Be sure to arrive early as parking is often difficult.
    Grad Night Slide Show Dropbox
    We need your photos for the Grad Night slide show.  Photos must be appropriate and should include more than one MHS Senior. Feel free to include photos from preschool, elementary school, middle school photos, sports, clubs, travel etc.  Please use the following link to upload your photos for the slide show.  Questions?  Contact Michelle Goldsmith.
    Grad Night Tickets and Volunteers
    Grad Night is an exciting event for our Seniors that will take place immediately following the Graduation Ceremony on Friday, June 8.  
    • Students should make their way to the parking lot right after taking pictures at the Ceremony, to begin checking in for the buses.  
    • Buses will leave from the Miramonte parking lot and transport students to Plank in Oakland.  Buses will leave as loaded.  The last bus leaves no later than 7:30 pm.
    • Students will be given a cinch bag at check in for their personal items.  This will be the only bag they are allowed to bring with them to Grad Night.  No personal bags, purses or backpacks are allowed.  These personal bags should be left in their cars (out of sight), or given to their parents.
    • Cinch bags will be searched as they board the buses.
    • Students will be breathalized before departing for Grad Night.
    • Students will be breathalized on site at Plank.
    • If any student is found under the influence, their parents will be called and they will have to be picked up.
    • Tickets are $150 and are available now on the Web store.  Tickets include transportation, food, dancing, games and much, much more.  
    • When you purchase your tickets, don't forget to fill out the accompanying permission slip.  
    • Buses will return to the MHS parking lot at about 2:45 am - 3:00 am.  
    This Senior year highlight is chaperoned 100% by parent volunteers.  Please consider signing up for a shift.  If you would like to sign up to chaperone, please visit our Signup Genius now!  Questions?  Contact Michelle Goldsmith.
    Over the past several weeks, there have been many amazing events for our Seniors planned, implemented and chaperoned by our incredible Class of 2018 parents.  We could not have accomplished all that we have without their help.  We'd like to thank the following people for their efforts.  This is a very long list and we apologize if we've forgotten anyone.
    Mollie Ricksen- for setting up and managing a very successful Graduation Seating and Parking auction.  
    Nicky Zabetian and Jeanette Chang- for managing the Memory Boards.
    Danya Stehr and Michelle Goldsmith- for being a Memory Board drop off location.
    Becca Carrington, Marci Dunne, Kellie Roberts and Mengzhi Hu- for spending their Friday night setting up the Memory Boards.
    Janet Tarkoff- for planning and executing an amazing Senior Ball!!!
    Barb Weikert, Pam Drake, Amy Abir, Patricia Rochette, Lindsay Walker, Melody Stevens, Lesley Patten, Jeanette and Carlos Chang, Cindy Pearson, Laura and Brian Millham, Traci and Michael Miller, Nicole Radlow, Tricia Young, Deborah Cahn-Weiner, Monica Burnick, Steve Schnier, Debbie and Jack Schram, Tracy and Mike Gittings, Julia and Chris Stenzel, Aileen and Angel Alvira, Nan and David Reed, Nancy Krivanka, Danya Stehr, Kathy Schwarz, Whitney Marken, Mollie Ricksen, Michael and Ghet Shinn, Miral Zahran and Khaled Amir- for chaperoning and other aspects of Senior Ball.
    Laura Millham and Val Mollahan- for planning and executing the Senior Breakfast!
    Patty Anderson, Lori Jaffe, Mengzhi Hu, Mollie Ricksen, Cynthia Heckler, Allison Banisadr, Tina Tierney, Danya Stehr, Mollie Van Stralen, Anne Fuller, Becky Jenab, Ghet Shinn, Diane Sharp, Maisie Hom, Connie Essabhoy, Laura Dakis, Linda Bakshi, Kirsten Lang, Kristen Tehaney, Rene Erdem, Deena Mader, Ann Marie Kadie, Amy Likar, Monica and Dean Burnick, Becca Carrington, Kathy Schwarz, Marcia Fick, Heather Blanchard, Melinda Jeffrey, Lisa Herring, Laura Andrews, Cindy Pearson, Pam Drake, Nancy Marvin, Michelle Goldsmith, Avril Burch, Jen Hohman, Debbie Schram, Lindsay Walker, Kellie Roberts, Denise Pitt, Julia Stenzel, Aileen Alvira, Heather Jiannalone, Ella Chan, Staci Mills, Katalin Kauser-Mezody, Marci Dunne, Valerie Lewis, Heather Callister, Susan Glynn, Sharon Zhang, Whitney Marken, Nina Clark, Deborah Cahn-Weiner, Jennie Swan, Tricia Barnes, Zanna Zulch, Latika Malkani- for donating food or working at the Senior Breakfast.
    Staci Mills- for planning Post Senior Day.
    Tina Tierney, Jamie Mather and Jan Carlson- for making Post Senior Day run smoothly.
    Tricia Young- for organizing and executing the Post Senior Day lunch.
    Nicole Radlow, Julie Smith, Norla Torres-Turney, Linda Bakshi- for working at the Post Senior Day lunch.
    Joan Pinto- for working with the Leadership students to plan the Senior Lunch after the last Rally.
    Betsy Shandalov, Julia Stenzel, Laura Andrews, Nan Reed, and Becca Carrington- for organizing an amazingly uplifting Baccalaureate!!!
    Ariele Taylor, Shannon Connor, Marie Legallet and Lisa Haskell- Junior parents that hosted the refreshments after Baccalaureate.
    June 5 - 8:                            Finals Week
    June 5:                                 Memory Board Viewing, 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm
    June 7:                                 Memory Board Viewing, 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm
    June 8:                                 Memory Board Viewing, 4:00 pm- 5:15 pm
    June 8:                                 Graduation Ceremony, 5:30 pm
    June 8:                                 Grad Night, bus check in in at 6:30 pm