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     Claire Tarkoff - President
     Maddy Schram - Vice President/Secretary 
     Olivia Goodman - Treasurer
    2018 Parent Class Advisors
     Michelle Goldsmith - jagolds@pacbell.net
     Staci Mills - stacimills@sbcglobal.net
     Janet Tarkoff - janettarkoff@yahoo.com
    Senior Class Parent Meeting Recap
    The last Senior Class Parent meeting was held last week during Open House.  We discussed what's ahead for the Class of 2018.  Here's what you missed...
    Julie Parks discussed the second semester of Senior year.  It is an exciting time, filled with many opportunities, but some of the opportunities are not school sanctioned.  For instance, despite what your student may tell you there is no authorized sleepover or "cut" day at MHS. 
    Senior Memory Boards (with detailed instructions on the back) were distributed.  You will have an opportunity to design your student's Memory Board, which will be displayed in the Student Center (across from the Theater) beginning May 29.  Each student has a Memory Board with their name on the back.  If you didn't pick one up, they will be available in the MHS Office until Tuesday, 2/20.  After 2/20, they will be on Michelle Goldsmith's front porch (242 Overhill Rd).  No need to call ahead, they will be easy to find.  If you lose your instructions or want to see an example visit our Class website.  Memory Boards are due by May 23.
    As you're looking for pictures for your student's Memory Board, please submit photos for our Grad Night slide show.  These photos should be tasteful, can include groups of students, students participating in sports, hobbies, events, elementary school, middle school, high school, pre-school etc.  We have created a Drop Box.  You can upload photos to the account using this link.
    Over the coming weeks, there will be a lot of information about upcoming events for your students.  Additionally, we will need help for many events.  Stay tuned for more detailed Signup Geniuses before or just after Spring Break.  In order to stay in the loop, be sure to read the communication that we send out through Senior Class News emails and the Matador News, and keep this information handy for reference.  All of the Senior Class News is archived on our Class website.  So you can look there as well.
    April 2-6:                              Spring Break
    April 28:                               Senior Parent Social
    May 7-18:                             AP Testing
    May 23:                                Memory Boards Due
    May 26:                                Senior Ball
    May 28:                                Memorial Day-- No School
    May 29:                                Senior Awards Night (by invitation)
    May 30:                                Post Senior Day/ Panoramic Picture
    June 1:                                 Senior Lunch
    June 3:                                 Baccalaureate
    June 8:                                 Graduation/Grad Night