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    Class Officers
     Aia Zabetian - President
     Lauren Berryhill - Vice President
     Marlowe Randolph - Treasurer
    2021 Parent 
    Class Advisors
     Ghet Shinn - ghetshinn@gmail.com 
     MaryBeth Carter -  marybest24@yahoo.com
     Jennie Klein - klein.jennie@gmail.com 
    Thank you for those who attended the Spring Freshman Parent Social.  Your support helped raise approximately $1000 for the Class!  Special thanks to the Barmmer, LaVelle and Whipple families for donating wine for the event!
    The Class of 2021 had a very successful fundraising year!  Much appreciation goes to the parents and students that supported the Class of 2021 through volunteering, buying Jamba Juice, purchasing Class t-shirt, attending parent socials, etc.
    As we wrap up this school year we are also at the beginning stages of planning for the Class of 2021 Sophomore Year.  Stay tuned for upcoming parent socials and other Class activities.  We welcome your ideas, involvement and questions.
    Enjoy your summer break!!
    Jun 5-7:  Finals
    Jun 8:     Last Day of School
    Aug 17:  Mat's Day
                  JV/Varsity Football Game (Class of 2021 will staff the Snack Shack)
    Aug 20:  First Day of School